The Really Useful Gift Co.

I’ve been in the mail-order business for some 15 years and I’ve decided to create my own gift catalogue because I was so disappointed with the ones that land on my doorstep just about every week of the year.

Most of them are full of the kind on gimmicks and silly gadgets that, frankly nobody wants to receive.

A head-mounted beer dispenser may raise a smile for a couple of seconds after it has been opened but really, who wants one?

And then there are those catalogues which offer rather twee presents like decorated loo seats and socks with the day of the week printed on them.

What I wanted to do was put together a selection of products and gifts that anybody would be happy to give to somebody else, and importantly, anybody would be pleased to receive.

Nothing kitsch. Nothing purely decorative. Nothing that is fragrant. Nothing cheap and nasty and nothing that is totally useless.

We aim to offer only those gifts which have a real use. They solve a problem or serve a purpose, even if that purpose is merely the improvement in one’s quality of life.

We’ve put a lot of thought into selecting our products and for every one item we chose, we rejected many, many more.

We hope you like the collection we’ve put together and in the coming months and years we’re going to build on this through the website.

If you’re looking for a really useful gift, it might just be worth a look.


Sara Stewart