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Back in the fifties it was easy.

All Marlon Brando had to do was don a pair of Levi’s, a white T-shirt, a Schott Perfecto jacket, a pair of cowboy boots and a cap, and he was the leader of the gang.

Well, today there’s such a wide variety of gear out there that, at times, it’s difficult to know what you should wear to make an impression.

Of course, safety and equipping yourself with the right level of protection for the type of riding you are doing must always be of paramount concern but, let’s face it, we all want to look the part and, frankly, in the biking world it’s far too easy to end up looking foolish, so here follows our tips and hints for looking good on a bike.

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Spidi Bonneville Jacket

The Bonneville is an exclusive new leather jacket by Spidi. The Spidi Bonneville jacket is a classic Italian, super soft, sheep’s leather biking jacket that has been created by Spidi exclusively for Motolegends. But luxurious as it is, this is a jacket that really does the business. It comes with CE approved armour in the shoulders and elbows and a zip-out thermal liner. Only 300 examples will ever be produced.

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At the recent Milan bike show we met with members of Marco’s management team responsible for his fan club and merchandise programme.

For the Malaysian race, Marco’s team was planning to launch a new website and supporters’ club.

With the tragedy that unfolded that weekend, those plans have been shelved, although Marco’s father, Paolo, still wants there to be a range of Simoncelli merchandise in 2012 in memory of his son and, as we speak, there are discussions going on about the creation of some form of charitable foundation, along the lines of Ayrton Senna’s.

For the Malaysian Grand Prix, Marco’s team had produced a new T-shirt and cap to launch the Supporters’ Club, but given that this is now not going to happen, we were asked if we would offer the small quantity of merchandise that had been produced, to his British fans.

This we agreed to do. The T-shirt is, as you may recall, the T-shirt that Valentino wore in tribute to his close friend on the parade lap at Valencia.

The quantity available, of course, is very limited and it will remain so, as we are told that these pieces will never be remade.

That weekend in Malaysia was, of course, a tragedy; a tragedy for his family and friends but also for the entire sport. Characters like Marco don’t come along very often, especially ones with his racing mentality and never give up attitude.

And so it is with some humility that we find ourselves in a position to offer his fans this exclusive T-shirt and cap. Buy the Marco Simoncelli supporter T-shirt and cap here.

Norton merchandise

We are particularly excited to announce that we have recently been appointed the UK licensee for the Norton apparel casual wear range.

This range of Norton merchandise has been produced in collaboration with Norton.

We were very keen to make a range that does justice to the great classic British Norton name. And so we’ve spent the first half of the year sourcing classic motorcycle garments from the thirties through to the sixties that we felt we could replicate.

Yet, of course, we wanted to produce garments that would not look out of place on the high street today. Clearly, you’ll be the judge of whether or not we got it right, but we’re very proud of the range. We hope you like it.

View the full Norton merchandise range here.

Valentino Rossi Occhio T-shirt

Valentino Rossi Occhio T-shirt

This fantastic Mugello limited edition Valentino Rossi T-shirt features the dramatic eye graphic which Rossi sported on his helmet at Mugello. It has become a tradition for Rossi to wear a new and sometimes crazy graphic on his helmet at the Mugello Grand Prix and this season was no exception. A gigantic eye stared out at everyone as Rossi rode around the track to say look out, Mugello can hurt you, referring to his accident in 2010 and also as a message to his fans to say keep an eye out because sooner or later Rossi’s and Ducati’s fortunes will turn around. This limited edition T-shirt features the eye graphic printed across the front with the word occhio printed above (Italian for eye) and an eye test graphic printed across the back.

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Moveo Safety has developed the new Moveo neck brace for improved protection for motorbike and bike riders. Lightweight, versatile and comfortable, this Moveo device provides a high level of protection for the neck when used with a full face helmet.

Designed on the back of accident analysis and observation of motorcyclist behaviour in extreme conditions, the Moveo neck brace has gone through complex testing procedures including a variety of impact tests, instrumental testing and virtual simulations to ensure the highest level of protection in real life situations.

Advanced Multilayer Composite technology and reinforced thermoplastics ensures that the device is strong, durable, resistant and protective, whilst remaining light and comfortable. This neck brace has been designed for daily use and is ideal for commuting, racing, motocross or adventure activities.

Moveo offer two neck braces, the Moveo Carbon neck brace which has a Carbon base, making it one of the lightest and safest motorcycle protection devices available. The Moveo Dynamic neck brace is made from reinforced thermoplastic materials which offer high impact resistance and is available in two colours.

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