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Let's at least teach our future daughters that there is no hair on earth as special as theirs and teach them to love their natural hair.

  • Jordan There is no excuse for being fat, other then the 1 out of 500 who have a legit medical excuse.

  • When I was dealing with people who understood that muscles weight more than fat I had no problem, but occasionally I dealt with some brainless fuck who retardedly stuck to the height-weight chart and would get me in trouble until someone with a brain would put a stop to that.

The most beautiful Black women in the world are undoubtedly Black women who do not succumb to the ideology of what beauty is, especially if it defers what it means to Africans.

  • Girls who think that being fat is sexy are too narcisstic or rather mentally ill.

  • They will blow up again, the question is not if but when.