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Free Steve McQueen Great Escape sweat top with every Barbour and Belstaff jacket!

Friday April 24th 2009

For the next seven days, we are offering up a free Steve McQueen sweat top worth £24.99, to anyone who buys a Barbour or Belstaff jacket from our site!

To make this offer work, all you have to do is add your jacket of choice to your basket, add the size you need in the Steve McQueen sweat top, and enter the offer code FREESM into the offer code box during checkout.

We have sorted all of our Belstaff and Barbour jackets into their own category so you can have a browse through them. You can find them by clicking here. If you find one you like, you can then find the Steve McQueen sweat top by entering the product code GPL850 into the search box at the top left. Once both parts of the deal are in your basket, enter the offer code FREESM into the offer code box, and the price of the Steve McQueen sweat top will change to £0!

There will be a new Offer of the Week next Friday, so keep your eyes peeled for that one!

Please note, this offer is only valid on orders placed between 9am Friday April 24th 2009 and 9am Friday May 1st 2009. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with and other promotion, and orders cannot be amended retrospectively.

Click here for full details.

Top Gear merchandise

Top Gear merchandise - available now at Grand Prix Legends

We’re massive fans of Top Gear, the TV programme. But, then again, who isn’t? And so it is with a great deal of excitement that we find ourselves in a position to offer an extensive new range of official Top Gear merchandise. Those guys, and particularly of course, Jeremy Clarkson, have completely changed perceptions of TV motoring programmes. And, even though others have tried to copy the format, there really is only one original. The truth is that those of us who love our cars want to watch a show that reflects our enthusiasm and passion. Traditionally, of course, motoring programmes haven’t done that. They’ve bored us to death with mpg figures, technical specs. and depreciation statistics. JC and the gang will have none of it. They love their cars and love having fun, which is why Top Gear has such a massive following. But it’s not just us chaps. And it’s not just us here in the UK. Which is surprising when you consider how rude Jeremy is about anybody born outside our hallowed isles. Even the Germans love Top Gear! And the Monday after a new episode, there rarely seems to be any topic of conversation in many offices but the latest madcap adventures of our three musketeers. And then, of course, there’s the Stig. Nobody knows him, but we all want his job! Anyway, on the site you’ll find some cracking new gear. And over the coming weeks and months we think there’ll be lots of new stuff to follow. We hope you like it. We certainly do. Click here to view our Top Gear category.

Top Gear ‘I am the Stig’ mens T-shirt
Top Gear ‘I am the Stig’ ladies T-shirt
Top Gear ‘Seriousely Uncool’ T-shirt
TPG001 - £19.99
TPG005 - £19.99
TPG004 - £19.99
Top Gear ‘Property of the Stig’ mug
Top Gear ‘Stig Shield’ T-shirt
Top Gear ‘Sub-Zero’ T-shirt
TPG006 - £9.99
TPG002 - £19.99
TPG003 - £19.99

Free shipping for Easter at Grand Prix Legends!

To say a Happy Easter to our customers here at GPL Towers, we are offering free shipping on all UK orders from 10am Wednesday April 8th 2009 until midday Tuesday April 14th 2009.

This offer is only valid on in-stock and available items. Normal postage and packaging will be charged on any pre-order items.

There is no promotional code attached to this offer, the shipping charge will be removed automatically where applicable.

Click here to shop at Grand Prix Legends now.

GPR Motorcycle Exhausts

G.P.R. Exhausts have been a favourite with the style conscious power hungry Italian motorcyclist for a long time, since 1968 in fact. Better known in the UK for their innovative high quality scooter products, they have recently announced a new collaboration with former Bridgestone UK and Micron front man Arthur Macdonald to bring the motorcycle range to the UK.

“Every time I’ve visited the Milan show I’ve been impressed GPR. They have a fantastic range and the quality is second to none. A recent three year Moto GP programme persuaded me that these guys were at the top of their game. What has surprised me is the value for money it represents. Just like another better known Italian brand they’re hand made in Italy from the finest ingredients, but this time with change!”

GPR is available through a selected number of motorcycle dealers and direct from Moto Legends at

Click here to buy Formula One diecast replicas at Grand Prix Legends

With the release of Norev’s first 1:18 Formula One replica, we can make some kind of objective analysis of the efforts of 2008’s three 1:18 F1 model-makers. Representing Norev is Fernando Alonso’s Renault R28, while Minichamps enters the ring with Lewis Hamilton’s McLaren MP4/23 and Mattel goes into battle with Kimi Raikkonen’s Ferrari F2008.

Starting at the front of the cars, the Norev Renault has the ‘weakest’ front wing. The mount for the bridge wing is not actually attached to the nose of the car, leaving the wing feeling quite fragile compared to the McLaren and Ferrari. Aesthetically, however, the Renault wing looks fine, while the Mattel Ferrari is let down by the obvious joins where its bridge elements join the side of the nose. It looks to be stalemate on the suspension components, with all three manufacturers offering carbon fibre effect plastic pieces. Moving on to wheels, the Renault can be forgiven for missing the brake disc covers, as the team did not start the 2008 season with them. The Bridgestone lettering does seem a little on the large and blocky side, however. The Minichamps McLaren easily has the best tyres out of the three, with Mattel’s and Norev’s offerings seeming quite plastic by comparison.

It’s in the cockpit where Norev really loses out to Minichamps and Mattel; no driver figure, leaving just a rather basic moulded plastic seatbelt treatment. All three manufacturers have done a good job on the paintwork and decaling, which the majority would say is the most important aspect of any given model. This highlights the fact that all of our trio have created very decent models that you wouldn’t be ashamed to have in your collection. If anything, it is the decaling where Minichamps comes off worse, as on the McLaren’s silver paintwork you can quite easily see the edges of the decals, on parts of the car such as across the engine cover, and down the nosecone. This is also slightly evident on areas like the Ferrari bargeboard, while it is much harder to see any evidence of this on the Renault. Having said that, Norev has failed to pick up on a couple of features, such as the red flashes for the on-board camera denoting the number one driver, and the vertical wing joining the barge board to the sidepod winglet.

Finally, to complete our review, there is the rear light. Surprisingly, Minichamps is again upstaged by Mattel and Norev. Whereas the Ferrari and Renault both have a separate fitting for it, Minichamps instead uses a silver decal. In conclusion, all these models are more than acceptable in terms of quality. The best model, overall, is probably the Minichamps McLaren. But the award for best value; that goes to Norev.

Brawn GP merchandise

Brawn GP merchandise

At the present time, there has not been any Brawn GP merchandise released for public sale. As soon as this line becomes available to us, you will be able to find it here! Bookmark this page, and we will add updates as soon as we have any. Read the rest of this entry »