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Roof Boxer Helmets

Roof motorcycle helmets are ideal for city riding with open face and flip-front designs. Roof helmets combine knowledge of medical research, aviation technology and innovative design resulting in high levels of protection for motorcyclists.

Roof have upgraded the classic Boxer helmet with the Boxer V8 range. It has got an amended chin piece that is simpler to raise, a better anti-fog visor, removable cheek pads and a full ventilation system.

The Boxer V8 helmet from Roof offers excellent adaptability. The Boxer V8 helmet can be worn as a full face helmet or as an open Jet helmet. With multiple air intakes the helmet can be worn comfortably all year round whilst a removable and adjustable inner lining allows you to achieve the perfect fit. The Roof V8 helmet has been CE certified as both a full face helmet and a Jet helmet.

The Roof Boxer helmet is available in a great range of colours including black, white, orange and black and pink. This fantastic range of Boxer helmets is now available to order online.

Racer motorcycle gloves

Racer produce beautifully designed and well constructed motorcycle gloves for every rider. Constructed from the finest materials including kangaroo leather, Racer gloves incorporate high level protectors and reinforced inserts for optimum performance. Racer gloves for sports riding include the highest level of protection with Carbon knuckle protectors, abrasion resistant inserts and scaphoid protection.

The Racer Sicuro glove is a top end racing glove constructed from high quality materials. With kangaroo leather palms and Titanium protectors on the knuckles, these gloves offer excellent performance and look great. The gloves feature Super-Fabric for excellent abrasion resistance and Knox protectors to protect the scaphoid. As well as this Racer sports gloves include features such as linked little fingers for increased protection.

You can view the Sicuro glove video on our website to find out more about all the technical details.

As well as racing gloves, Racer produce high quality touring gloves and urban riding gloves. The Racer Cool TFL glove features the TFL Cool treatment which enables the glove to reflect sunlight, keeping glove temperatures up to 20 degrees Celsius lower in temperature, than standard leather gloves.

Daytona motorcycle boots

Daytona is a top brand of motorcycle boots and Daytona’s race boots are some of the best on the market for track racing. Daytona use only the very best leather in the construction of its boots and high quality Gore-Tex membranes are used within the range.

The Daytona motorcycle boots range includes a great selection of boots for a variety of riding styles. With boots for racing, touring, urban riding and sidecar riding, Daytona offer something for every rider. Daytona boots offer high levels of comfort and protection with features such as ankle protection, reinforced abrasion resistant gear change cushions, adjustable calf areas and Gore-Tex water resistant and climatic control membranes. With a comfortable boot the motorcyclist can ride more safely with greater concentration on the road and conditions. The Daytona Classic Old Timer boot is a top selling boot with a retro style and leather construction.

View the full Daytona motorcycle boots range here.

AGV GP Tech Rossi limited edition Chicken helmet

Click here to order the AGV GP Tech Rossi limited edition Chicken helmet

This fantastic Valentino Rossi limited edition ‘The Chicken’ AGV helmet features the new ‘Chicken’ graphics that were worn by Rossi in celebration of his 9th World Championship, which he achieved in the 2009 Malaysian Moto GP. Valentino has been wearing this helmet design throughout winter testing and the helmet model used is the AGV GP Tech. This is the top of the range AGV helmet, that has been designed and developed with Rossi’s support. Please note that all our helmets are supplied with clear visors.

  • Limited edition
  • Super-light carbon-kevlar construction shell
  • Cool max interior fabric
  • Fully removable and washable interior padding and neckroll
  • Clear, flat, anti-scratch and anti-fog polycarbonate Race X visor with tear-off system
  • Extra quick release visor system, which doesn’t require tools
  • Double D ring chin strap
  • Integrated ventilation system with channels directly in the helmet shell
  • Valentino Rossi Chicken design paintwork
  • Limited Edition box
  • Please note all our helmets are supplied with clear visors

Click here to order the AGV GP Tech Rossi limited edition Chicken helmet

AGV GP Tech Rossi limited edition Chicken helmet

AGV GP Tech Rossi limited edition Chicken helmet

X-Lite Motorcycle Helmets

X-Lite helmets are premium quality motorcycle helmets made in Italy. X-Lite is the brand name for the top of the range Nolan helmets. X-Lite helmets are made from composite fibres, which have been laid by hand, rather than resin which is injection moulded. All X-Lite helmets are CE and ACU Gold approved.

The top X-Lite model is the X-802 and this is the helmet worn by top Moto GP riders including Jorge Lorenzo and Casey Stoner. Some of the most exciting helmets we’ve seen announced this year are the Lorenzo and Stoner replica helmets, which are full spec. X-802 helmets, as worn by these top riders. These helmets are very light, weighing only 1.4kg. The X-802 helmet has a scratch resistant and anti-fog visor, exhaust vent with spoiler on the back and top and chin air vents. The X-802 motorcycle helmets range can be viewed here, where you can also watch the product in action.

The highlight in this range is the Lorenzo Moon replica, replicating the helmet worn by Jorge Lorenzo to win the Moto GP at Estoril in 2009. This helmet really does look fantastic. We are also offering the Lorenzo Moon X-802 helmet signed by Jorge himself.

Other great designs for this year include the Lorenzo Evolution X-802 helmet and the Casey Stoner Phillip Island helmet.

Lotus Racing F1 2010 team merchandise and clothing

Lotus Racing Formula 1 team merchandise and clothing is coming soon to Grand Prix Legends. The Lotus team’s association with Formula 1 dates right back to the 1960s, and subsequently, they have built up one of the most passionate and loyal groups of supporters in the sports 60 year history. When it was announced that the famous green and gold cars would once again be taking to the tarmac in 2010, there was many a lump in throat moment from their fans. And the famous Lotus colours are not restricted to the cars, as official Lotus Racing teamwear and merchandise will soon be available to buy online at Grand Prix Legends. Click here to visit our Lotus Racing section, bookmark the page, and keep checking back. Alternatively, why not sign up to our email bulletins, and be one of the first to receive the news of the team’s clothing launch. As they say in the trade, watch this space!