The XPD motorcycle boots range is online now, available with free UK delivery and returns. XPD is a high quality Italian brand of motorcycle boots. Incorporating high end technology, the XPD boots offer top performance and protection. The XPD motorcycle boots range includes boots for high level racing, sports riding, touring, street riding, enduro and urban riding.

Several XPD boots have received CE certification and include features such as polyurethane protectors, flex areas, racing rubber soles, vented areas, aerodynamic shaping for better performance and non-crushable Nylon insoles.

The XPD XP7-R includes the AGS2 ankle guard system for optimum performance. The AGS2 is an ergonomic structure shaped to the foot conformation. Protectors fully integrated with the insole create a protective cage around the ankle, preventing twisting and preventing the boots from collapsing under the weight of a bike. The XPR-7 is a top of the range boot incorporating the very best XPD technology and is CE certified.

If touring is more your thing, then XPD have a great range of boots for you. With H2Out waterproof, windproof and breathable membranes, these boots will keep your feet protected from the weather as well as protected in the case of a fall. XPD touring boots include the X-Master, X-Tourer, X-Land and X-Style. XPD also produce the XPD VR5 and VR6, which incorporate great features from both XPD sports boots and touring boots, for those who want the best of both worlds.