The Ultimate Riding Outfit - by Christopher Paul

I’ve been riding bikes for more than 25 years. Outside of work, it’s my thing, so to speak.

My decision to take Grand Prix Legends business into motorcycle protective wear was, in truth, based as much on a personal interest as on hard commercial logic.

In fact, when I first made enquiries, I was advised by a number of high profile importers and distributors in the motorcycle business that the internet would never work for bike clothing!

But the reason I wanted to offer protective wear was because I was pretty disappointed with what I came across in most motorcycle shops.

Of course, there were exceptions, but most dealers seemed to want to offer only the cheapest, fastest-selling lines. Anything different, anything more interesting and unusual and they didn’t appear interested.

Yet, having visited some of the international bike shows, I knew there was some fantastic gear out there.

My mission, therefore, became to put together a catalogue and ‘internet shop’ that offered only the best, most technical, most stylish and most individual gear money could buy. Read the rest of this entry »