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This week, Minichamps has announced that it be replicating the Auto Union D-Type that was driven to victory at the 1938 British Grand Prix by Tazio Nuvolari. This announcement soon had us hunting from an image, which took us back to time in motor racing’s history that put us in another one of our ‘memory-lane’ moods!

So, we have put together a selection of images from 1930-1939, before the dizzy, money-spinning world of F1 was created. A time when beautiful but brutal cars were driven by men to whom safety was a swear word! We hope you enjoy this small selection, and feel free to leave your comments underneath.

Click here to order Tazio Nuvolari’s 1938 British Grand Prix winning Auto Union.

This Sunday, Nov. 27, 2016 photo provided by the Rumaf, a Syrian Kurdish activist group, which has been authenticated based on its contents and other AP reporting, shows people fleeing rebel held eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo into the Sheikh Maqsoud area that is controlled by Kurdish fighters, Syria. Syrian state media is reporting that government forces have captured the eastern Aleppo neighborhood of Sakhour, putting much of the northern part of Aleppo’s besieged rebel held areas under state control..

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