As I write this, I can hear one-piece leathered, sports bike riders choking on their burgers and chips: “What’s he on? Is he havin’ a larf? He’s a nutter!”

Well, let me make my case but, before I do, I wanted to get a few things straight. I have never worn a pair of slippers and I don’t smoke a pipe. Over the last 25 years, I’ve owned just about every make and style of bike around. I’m no Valentino Rossi, but I used to lap the full Donington circuit on a 600 in comfortably under two minutes. I’ve done every level of the Cricklewood Cornering School. I have ridden coast to coast in the States, all over Europe, around Australia, followed the route of the Baja1000, crested dunes in the Sahara and have, on more than one occasion, ridden to Italy and back for a long weekend just to watch a Moto GP round. That is to say, I reckon I’m a proper biker. Read the rest of this entry »