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Formula One 2011 Launch Dates

With the first official F1 car launch just a few days away, we thought we would keep you up to date with what’s going on, and when, in preparation for the new season.

We will try to add some pictures from each launch for you to take a look at as well. Our advice is to bookmark this page, and check back on the following dates to see each launch. Read the rest of this entry »

Today is a hugely exciting day in the diecast calendar, as Minichamps has this afternoon confiormed its 2011 diecast new announcements.

There’s excitement for Rossi collectors with a tasty Valencia 2010 ‘Bye Bye Baby’ bike and figure set, as well as a host of new helmets, and a Laguna Seca 2010 figure.

Road car enthusiasts have got plenty to look forward to as well with the Ford Focus RS500 in Matt Black, McLaren MP4-12C, and the Bugatti Veyron Supersport all due in 1:18 scale.

Click here for the complete list of Minichamps 2011 New Announcements

Attention all 1:12 diecast bike collectors!

I’ve got some exciting news about a new very limited edition bike that is, to all intents and purposes in the UK, exclusive to us here at Diecast Legends.

In fact, I’m so excited about it that I’m penning this note to customers whilst I’m still on the ferry on my way back from Germany.

You may or may not be aware of the situation regarding Minichamps’ replica of Lorenzo’s 2009 Estoril bike. Jorge won that race. He was wearing his famous ‘Moon Landing’ suit and after his victory, he walked across the grass in slow motion and planted a Lorenzo Land flag in the ground.

Well, expecting Minichamps to make the bike, we put it on the website and started to sell it.

Then, before Christmas, we heard that Minichamps had given the model as a worldwide exclusive to their own shop in Aachen, a shop called Danhausen. It was a limited edition of 750 pieces and we have to say we were a bit miffed!

However, before Christmas I flew over to Germany and did a deal to buy all of Danhausen’s remaining stock. Then, today, I returned to Germany and loaded them all on to a Transit van to bring them back to Blightie!

So, here’s the score:

* It’s limited to just 750 pieces worldwide.

* It’s a race winning bike that was ridden by the new world champion.

* The colour scheme was unique and ran in that race only.

* We have just a few hundred pieces and they will sell out over this weekend, we predict.

Remember, we sold more limited edition, Laguna Seca, Hayden Ducatis than this over a weekend back in 2009. And that was a far less significant bike than this one.

* The price is £89.99 (PO93098); that’s a bit more expensive than a standard bike but we’ve had to pay a lot more to get hold of it and to get it back here.

* We are going to offer the bike as it is, or signed by Jorge for £139.99 (PO93098S).

* To be fair to everybody and to prevent people from ‘scalping’ on eBay, we are limiting customers to just two signed and two unsigned bikes each; that’s a maximum of four bikes per person.

* This bike will not be available to wholesale customers; except those who had it on order already.

* You can buy it by clicking here. Or you can phone the Orderline on 0844 887 8888. The lines are open to 8.00pm on Friday, or until 5.00pm on Saturday. The lines open again at 9.00am on Monday, but that may be too late!

* Unfortunately, you can’t turn up at our offices to pick one up over the weekend, as we won’t be unloading it until late on Monday, or early on Tuesday.

* Our Double Moneyback guarantee will not apply to this bike for obvious reasons.

If you had this bike on order already, you will receive it, but beyond that we can make no promises, as this model will probably sell out over the weekend and some people could miss out.

* On Tuesday, we will write to everybody to confirm whether they have been successful in obtaining what they ordered.

* Finally, we reserve the right to supply customers with fewer bikes than they would like in order to spread out our allocation amongst more customers

Anyway, that’s about everything you need to know. This is probably going to be one of the rarest and most demanded Minichamps bikes of all time. Signed by its rider, of course, it will be rarer still.

Good Luck.

Christopher Paul