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Valentino Rossi Occhio T-shirt

Valentino Rossi Occhio T-shirt

This fantastic Mugello limited edition Valentino Rossi T-shirt features the dramatic eye graphic which Rossi sported on his helmet at Mugello. It has become a tradition for Rossi to wear a new and sometimes crazy graphic on his helmet at the Mugello Grand Prix and this season was no exception. A gigantic eye stared out at everyone as Rossi rode around the track to say look out, Mugello can hurt you, referring to his accident in 2010 and also as a message to his fans to say keep an eye out because sooner or later Rossi’s and Ducati’s fortunes will turn around. This limited edition T-shirt features the eye graphic printed across the front with the word occhio printed above (Italian for eye) and an eye test graphic printed across the back.

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