Minichamps 2010 Showcars including Mercedes GP, Red Bull, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

UPDATE - February 16th 2010

We can now confirm the full range of Minichamps 2010 showcars, which are all available for pre-order on our site. You can find the selection by clicking here. We cannot advise pre-ordering strongly enough with these cars, as they will all be limited editions, and ceratin cars are going to be very sought after indeed!

German model makers Minichamps has listed product information on its website, indicating that they will be producing a full grid of 2010 showcars (excluding Ferrari) and that they will also be reintroducing some models in 1:18 scale!

In short, it looks as though we will be seeing every driver’s car in 1:43 scale, bar the Ferraris, and the following cars in 1:18 scale :

1:18 Mercedes GP Michael Schumacher 2010 Showcar

1:18 Mercedes GP Nico Rosberg 2010 Showcar

1:18 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Lewis Hamilton 2010 Showcar

1:18 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Jenson Button 2010 Showcar

1:18 Renault Robert Kubica 2010 Showcar

1:18 Renault Vitaly Petrov 2010 Showcar

1:18 Red Bull Racing Mark Webber 2010 Showcar

1:18 Red Bull Racing Sebastian Vettel 2010 Showcar

We have yet to have prices confirmed for these models, but if you bookmark this page, we will update it as soon as we have any information.