The Super Legends range of T-shirts comprises a vast array of oil company and garage related logos. Many of these brands no longer exist, although some do. But all of them have that wonderful retro feel that make them so popular with petrolheads of all ages.

There are some 50 designs in the Super Legends range. Over the coming months we will be adding new ones as they become available from the manufacturer. These T-shirts feature logos from famous names in motoring and are perfect for those with a passion for anything on two or four wheels! The Super Legends T-shirts have a high quality finish with luxuriously soft touch, vintage wash for a worn look, and a seam detail across the chest.

But we should perhaps point out that any logos or devices featured on these shirts are used for purely decorative purposes. There is no implied association or relationship with the brands in question and it is in no way suggested that this range of T-shirts is officially approved or authorised by any organisation. We think they look great, though!

View the full Super Legends range here.