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Keeping the Tennis Scores Every tournament or match will end with a certain score — and that score will help you determine whether or not a team is worth a particular bet.

  • The more wins a team has one after another, the higher the chances that they will win in the final tournament.

  • They saw each other up to five times a month.


  • Most of haplotype variability is observed within group, while variation among groups is relatively low and scarcely associated to geographical space.

  • On the other hand, Fernando, after having awakened from the coma is still hospitalized, and again Mariano mocks the security to enter the clinic, once in Fernando's room, Mariano drugs Silvina with chloroform to sleep her and then tries to kill Fernando by suffocating him with a pillow, but Reina gets in the middle and manages to save Fernando but is almost hanged by Mariano, at that moment Silvina reacts and starts screaming, Mariano manages to escape again and when the police arrive it's late.