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  • At the end of the show's third season, upset that scheduling conflicts prevented her from accepting the role opposite Dustin Hoffman in the film Kramer vs.

  • Education Kate attended The Brooke Hill School for Girls while living in Mountain Brook.

Actor 10-May-1961 We Got It Made Actor 3-Jan-1930 Playboy Playmate and bit actress Model 20-Feb-1966 House of Style Actor 24-Nov-1957 Tasha Yar on Star Trek Model 6-Aug-1982 America's Next Top Model Blogger 18-May-1978 Former DeWine staffer, Washingtonienne Actor 30-Mar-1968 Donna Marco on Baywatch Relative 21-Oct-1952 Reagan's prodigal daughter Performance Artist 29-Aug-1937 Stripper at San Francisco's Condor Club Actor 12-Apr-1971 Brenda Walsh on Beverly Hills 90210 Actor 22-May-1972 Tightrope Model 20-Apr-1972 Singled Out Actor 29-Sep-1969 Shauni on Baywatch Actor 7-Sep-1969 Redhead model turned actor Dancer 11-Sep-1942 Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets Actor 2-Feb-1947 25-Jun-2009 Original blonde on Charlie's Angels Actor 1-Feb-1965 Twin Peaks starlet Artist 7-Mar-1956 Yam-slathering performance artist Singer 31-Aug-1970 Arch-nemesis: Tiffany Victim 7-Jul-1959 Had sex with Jim Bakker Tennis 2-May-1985 Hot outfit at 2001 U.

  • She married New York businessman David Greenwald in 1982, and they formed 'Shoot The Moon Productions' together, the company that produced Jackson's series Scarecrow and Mrs.

  • Tur studied at Brentwood School and then she went to University of California, Santa Barbara and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy.

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