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Jordan Spieth pulls off 'unbelievable' chip shot at Ryder Cup

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Being down on points forces a fighter to move and take strategic risks, which create better opportunities to get a joint lock or choke and be submitted.

  • For example, making a shield wall with a handful of fighters not only acts as a physical barrier but boosts the defense of the units in wall, and archers become more useful in mid to late battle when enemies armor has been weakened.

  • This move may be a sign of a collab in the works: Air Jordan has yet to add a female golfer as a brand ambassador, so look out for Nelly to be the first—a position she seems to find herself in a lot lately.

In the entire event no one won a single fight, no got tapped out via submission.

  • A sub only tournament with no submissions?.

  • Or, those that do make it through take their badge of honor too far and act like they are the second coming of Christ.