Alinity reddit drama - Is Twitch giving Alinity and Amouranth special treatment?

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Female twitch streamer Alinity throws her cat on stream and is shown spitting vodka into its mouth. /r/livestreamfail and twitch community grab their pitchforks, take up arms and go to war. : SubredditDrama

Reddit drama alinity Alinity Apologizes

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Alinity Apologizes For Calling A Cashier Racist Amid Restaurant Drama

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Alinity Accidentally Flashed on Stream, Finally Banned

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Reddit drama alinity Alinity

Reddit drama alinity PewDiePie talking

Reddit drama alinity not sorry

It seems like drama just never stays away from the streaming community, and this week is no different than the rest.

  • Because of this, Alinity and Amouranth have become quite the controversial pair on Twitch, often brought up when other streamers get harsher punishments for less serious offenses.

  • She decided to call out some of the streamers when one of the members, Froste, shared a tweet discussing his disdain for toxic online communities.