Free breakfast when you spend £100 on motorcycle protective wear

For the summer (let’s say until the end of August), we’re running a special promotion that kicks in when you spend over £100 on protective gear from our ’shop’ here in Guildford on a Saturday.

I want to be clear on the t & c’s because whilst we want to spread a little joy, we’re not in the business of feeding the 5,000 - somebody else got that gig!

Here’s how it works.

If you visit us on a Saturday and spend over £100 on motorcycle protective gear (helmets, boots, trousers, gloves, base layers and so on), we’ll give you a voucher for a free all-day cooked breakfast at the One Forty cafe down the road in Cranleigh.

You have to have the breakfast that day. You can’t use the voucher in the week or at a later date.

If you spend £500 on a jacket, you don’t get five breakfasts. Just one.

If you buy a jacket, go outside then come back in and buy a pair of boots, you don’t get two breakfasts. Just one.

So it’s one breakfast per person, per day.

There’s bound to be some smarty pants who will try and find a clever way to take advantage of our good nature, but we hope everybody will see this for what it is - a nice little gesture to say thank’s for coming to see us.

If we think anybody is abusing the offer, we reserve the right not to play ball.

One Forty Cafe’s Full English - The best cooked breakfast in the UK

by Christopher Paul

“I’m a bit of a black belt when it comes to traditional English breakfasts. From the swankiest London hotels to the most tucked away B&Bs in the middle of nowhere, I’ve made it my mission to search out the best cooked breakfasts in the land. I swear it’s the best way to kick off the day (well, at least at the weekend), but I’ll run a mile from plates swilling with grease, eggs scrambled in the microwave, cheap sausages, dry bacon and soggy toast.

And so I was delighted to discover a few years ago that the best cooked breakfast in the entire country, if not the whole darned world, is prepared and served in a café barely half a dozen miles away from us. The café sits at the back of a kind of family oriented mini department store called One Forty, in a lovely town-cum-village by the name of Cranleigh.

The shop’s bang in the middle of the high street, by the way, opposite the bus stop. I’m really not exaggerating when I say that they serve the very best breakfast you’ll ever taste. Cooked by proper chefs in chequered trousers, these guys use only the best local ingredients, including award winning sausages from Cranleigh’s famous award winning butcher, Rawlings.”