Moveo Safety has developed the new Moveo neck brace for improved protection for motorbike and bike riders. Lightweight, versatile and comfortable, this Moveo device provides a high level of protection for the neck when used with a full face helmet.

Designed on the back of accident analysis and observation of motorcyclist behaviour in extreme conditions, the Moveo neck brace has gone through complex testing procedures including a variety of impact tests, instrumental testing and virtual simulations to ensure the highest level of protection in real life situations.

Advanced Multilayer Composite technology and reinforced thermoplastics ensures that the device is strong, durable, resistant and protective, whilst remaining light and comfortable. This neck brace has been designed for daily use and is ideal for commuting, racing, motocross or adventure activities.

Moveo offer two neck braces, the Moveo Carbon neck brace which has a Carbon base, making it one of the lightest and safest motorcycle protection devices available. The Moveo Dynamic neck brace is made from reinforced thermoplastic materials which offer high impact resistance and is available in two colours.

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