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Bohemian Nights

Say you want to replay it in the gallery for later, unfortunately though, everything's still the same but worse, what I mean by worse is even the dialogue is removed.

  • I appreciate the support and believe me, nothing will make more more happier than getting back into the thick of creating this comic.

  • Still, being a wolfman in one of the most dangerous prisons is definitely not a safe, so he's not out of the woods yet.

At this moment we realize that the island isn't so simple as it seemed at first, and the funny story about relationship between the main character with newly arrived guests leads to a very serious story about each person having his own fears and secrets, and their choice might not always result in obvious consequences.

  • Now he must find a way to return and take his revenge.

  • Isn't he supposed to at least know more about it than stories because he is taught all these sorts of things, otherwise he wouldn't really be a good prince, would he? I'm not here to take money from people and financial contributions to the project are strictly voluntary.