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In the other states and territories, incest can also arise where one of the parties is below the age of consent, but this does not exclude the possibility of bringing the more general charge of sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 10 New South Wales and , 12, 16 or 17 and as the case may be.

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  • It's been six years since Kellie and Kathie say they were treated like sex slaves in their own home.

Prior to the 1986 Act the law was based on the Incest Act 1567 which incorporated into Scots criminal law Chapter 18 of the , using the version of the text of the of 1562.

  • She is the daughter of Kathleen Ann Craft , a philanthropist, and Martin Joseph Holmes, Sr.

  • Both admit that sometimes the abuse was so brutal, they would beg their brothers to take the other twin.

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