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cheap oakleys But from a young age, Cody has struggled to manage his anger. He has outbursts when he argues with others, especially with other children. If he is touched while angry, he tries to get away, even if that means hitting someone else.?The hope of a new era of trust, openness and transparency for our city.? Congratulating the six councillors who secured seats and thanking his supporters, campaign staff and other mayoral hopefuls, as well Aalbers explained how the city would see him in a?different light? than mayors past, noting how together?we will make a difference.??This is just incredible to see the support I?ve received from the residents and voters of Lloydminster,? Aalbers said while speaking with the media.?This is an incredible feeling like no other I ever felt.??I believe that they sent a message, and (it?s) basically a new council other than Councillor Baker being re elected. I think that there is going to be a steep learning curve for all of us, and when that starts, it will likely start tomorrow when I start picking up the signs that we have around town.? He made note of the expectation of a very close race concerning the long time presence of both Whiting and Ross, adding how everyone ran a great campaign and connected to the community cheap oakleys.