Brittney murphy photos - The Dark History Behind Brittany Murphy's Home & What Happened to It

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'What Happened, Brittany Murphy?' offers chilling new details

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Murphy photos brittney 'What Happened,

Murphy photos brittney 'What Happened,

Did toxic mold kill Brittany Murphy and her husband Simon Monjack?

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Brittany Murphy's heartbroken dad, 91, said on his deathbed he'd 'given up hope' on finding out how famous daughter died

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Tour Of Brittany Murphy's Bathroom

Yet even there, her thoughts were anything but calm.

  • In January 2012, her father Angelo Bertolotti applied to the Superior Court of California requesting that the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office be required to hand over samples of his daughter's hair for independent testing.

  • She dabbled in the music industry and even had a No.

Bertolotti was not named as her father on Brittany's first death certificate.

  • Was Simon Monjack a con artist? The Jane Magazine interview asked Murphy if her weight loss was attributable to illegal substances.

  • She said the builders of the home were to blame for the mold that caused their illnesses such as pneumonia.